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Minka Aire Ceiling fans

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans; Quality and Style

The new millennium brought with it a new, comprehensive and exciting collection of Minka Aire Ceiling fans! These ceiling fans have been sought and classified as incomparable, their combination of form and design and their styles that glide with sophistication cannot be competed against. Their designs vary from classic to contemporary, from traditional to transitional.

Minka Aire ceiling fans have been engineered for superior performance and have been manufactured to provide maximum satisfaction and comfort even in the largest rooms. Minka Aire has something for every budget and décor.

One could not possibly rave enough about Minka Aire ceiling fans! For the last 5 years, they have consistently met the needs of the public with the most incredible and innovative styles for ceiling fans that one could ever imagine. Unlike other companies of this time, they are a possible trend-setting, cutting-edge manufacturing company. Minka Aire ceiling fans have created an original and complete line of traditional, transitional and contemporary fans. They have over 30 styles and over a 114 different choices to match your décor. They have created processes, details and forms truly unique in comparison to this day and age’s fans. They have brought to the market some of the most extra-ordinary and innovative designs with additional detail and refinements. Using the most advanced technology and the highest quality materials that are available, Minka Aire ceiling fans have managed to establish a ‘value-added’ product. As an extra feature all fans have their own down rods available complete with matching finishes in lengths up to 72”.

Each Minka Aire design also includes its own blade medallion that helps in complementing the style of the fan’s body.

Minka Aire ceiling fans acknowledge that a fan motor is a critical tool in the fan’s smooth and quiet running. The features of a Minka Aire motor include sealed precision steel bearings, fine copper windings and computer controlled rotor/stator alignment.
Their oversize motors provide maximum air movement for a longer period of usage.

Minka Aire helps you make a great investment for your home, Minka Aire’s ceiling fans are available in many different styles and tastes, so you can always find what you are into, they are not as costly as one would imagine, and they add a sense of taste and a touch of sophistication to your homes.

These fans are renowned for their ‘air-management’ as the company calls it a combination of form, function and fashion, Minka Aire remains a step or two ahead of their competitors in terms of style and features. They also vary from fan only to a fan and light combination.

From the subtlety austere to the vividly ornate, Minka Aire produces it all!


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