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Ceiling Fan Wiring

Process of Ceiling Fan Wiring

Before we start wiring ceiling fan we need to be sure the circuit is “cuted”. The best solution is to remove the fuse. Please, if you’re not sure you can do ceiling fan wiring yourself just call someone who is qualified for the job.

Step One
Most electrical wiring is made from a standard color scheme wiring diagram. Given that connecting the fan should not be a problem. First we start attaching ceiling fan to the power cord cable. Follow the color scheme and attach the white wire from power cord to white wire of your ceiling fan, black wire to black fan wire, green to green (ground) and connect blue fan wire to cable red wire.

Step Two
Now it is necessary to properly connect the switch. First connect the green screw on the switch to the green wire of the power source cable. Attach white wire of power source cable to the white fan wire. There are remains two more wires that must be connect to the switch. Attach black wire from power source cable to upper screw of the switch.
If you would like to be able to control the light via wall switch then just connect the fan cable black wire to the power source and the fan cable red wire to the switch. Regarding that power source is always available to the fan, it can be operated independently of the switch position using the pull chain and the light will be operated by the wall switch. You can even reverse it and control light by the pull chain switch and control fan by the wall switch, all you have to do is reverse wire connections to the switch and power source cable.

Of course you could use other kinds of ceiling fan control, you could put a double switch on the wall where the light and fan would be operated separately and not only that, you could even use a remote control. There are always other options you could use, this is just most basic example of ceiling fan wiring.

Before you connect back the fuse, make sure you have attached all wires correctly and isolated all connections.

Here you can see example of ceiling fan color schem wiring diagram.

wiring diagram color scheme

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